Covid 19 Business Products

CCTV Camera & Monitoring Systems in Limerick, Ireland

Following the government announcement on the return to work protocols, SEAKEL have a range of products that will help employers, whilst keeping the wellbeing of their team, colleagues, and customers a top priority.


CCTV Camera & Monitoring Systems in Limerick, Ireland

At SEAKEL we install fully scalable CCTV systems, which are suitable for any size application, from high end residential to global corporations. SEAKEL security systems have the capacity to grow alongside your business and allow future expansion of your CCTV system. We have an extensive portfolio of HD & IP cameras and equipment to suit any environment and our engineers are highly trained. Our systems can be integrated with fire detection, access control and intruder systems to trigger automatic recording, alarm and screen flash.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Systems in Limerick, Ireland

We take a professional approach to the installation of SEAKEL intruder alarms, ranging from bells only to fully monitored and maintained alarm systems. From a single alarm system to multiple networked alarm systems reporting back to a central location incorporating a graphics package for ease of management. As a PSA approved installer, we can guarantee that our work meets with the extremely high statutory requirements of the private security industry. Combining the latest in wired and wireless technology, we offer a security package for your needs to protect what is most valuable to you. Our intruder alarm systems can be integrated with CCTV and 24hr remote monitored for confirmation of intruders by our Alarm Response Centre ARC.

Gate & Barriers

Automated Gate and Barrier Systems in Limerick Ireland

Automatic gates and barriers are an essential component of an integrated security and access control system when vehicular and pedestrian access is to be controlled. Automatic gates and barriers, turnstiles, bollards and car park systems are among the options and SEAKEL can provide bespoke solutions. Our customers include multinational operations, large commercial units, self-contained office suites, sporting arenas and domestic property. Packages include design, installation and maintenance.

Access Control

Access Control Systems in Limerick Ireland

One door or two hundred doors, a single site or multiple sites … it matters not. If you are seeking protection from uncontrolled access, then our strong existing partnerships with global security manufacturers, along with our investment in highly qualified staff enables us to offer Access Control that can protect your premises but won’t hamper the free movement of authorised staff and visitors. SEAKEL’s access control systems can be used for payroll time keeping incorporating our HR software partner, fire alarm role calls including finding the last known location of anybody not reporting and even instigate an automatic search through an integrated CCTV system. Security, convenience and control are key and we can work with you to design a package to suit your exact requirements.

Workforce Management and Time & Attendance Solutions

Workforce Management and Time & Attendance Solutions in Limerick Munster Ireland

SEAKEL is a committed, innovative supplier of Workforce Management and Time & Attendance solutions which integrates seamlessly with our access control systems. Our clients rely on us to provide systems which improve their time and attendance monitoring, human resources compliance and workforce resource planning. Used by over 500,000 staff in hundreds of companies around the globe, SEAKEL helps its clients keep costs down, improve efficiency and provide greater insight into business performance. With our combined expertise and customer support we serve a wide range of sectors including hospitality, leisure and entertainment, care providers, manufacturers, construction sites, local authorities and education, retail and services.

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems for Business in Limerick Ireland

SEAKEL Fire & Security are experts in the implementation of fire detection and life safety systems. Covering supply, installation, commission, contract management, training and long term after-care and support for systems. SEAKEL install the latest scalable analogue and addressable fire systems, allowing for comprehensive life safety systems to be deployed throughout your buildings, protecting valuable lives and assets. SEAKEL operate to the highest standards, ensuring quality at every stage of the project. We ensure that annual servicing and maintenance is thoroughly implemented and the system remains effective and efficient, throughout.
Just some of the benefits of a SEAKEL service level agreement:

• Compliance with legal obligations The Irish Standard IS3218
• Identification of system faults before a problem occurs
• An agreed maintenance schedule
• 24 Hour callout service
• Reduces the amount of false alarms by increased reliability

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions in Limerick, Munster

Using the latest in cloud storage solutions, SEAKEL are able to manage and maintain security systems remotely. This also allows the use of remote applications on smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC's connecting back to centralised data storage device or server. We can achieve coherent sharing and updating of information, such as the viewing of CCTV footage which is stored on a remote server or access to a record log stored from an access control system.

Monitoring & Keyholding

Monitoring and Keyholding in Limerick Munster

24 hour monitoring for both home and business alarms. Upon alarm activation our monitoring centre will be automatically alerted and will notify the appointed key-holders and, if necessary, alert the emergency services.


Leasing Security Systems in Limerick Ireland

Have you considered leasing? All electronic fire and security systems provided by SEAKEL can be purchased or leased over a period to suit your needs where capital expenditure is not a feasible option.