SEAKEL - Intruder Alarm

Security Is One Of The Most Important Enablers For The Way We Live And Do Business Today

An effective, maintained and monitored alarm can help you achieve maximum protection.

The solution is a comprehensive package of devices, controllers and organisational measures to enable automatic detection of unauthorised entry. Utilising the latest technology, SEAKEL can design and install integrated systems to meet your needs and expectations.

The value of an Intruder Alarm System is measured only by what occurs after it alarms. A monitored intruder alarm system provides you with a fast response to any activation


You Can't Steal What You Can't See

When the SmokeCloak trigger is activated a cloud of fog fills the room within seconds. This will not only catch the intruder off guard but will totally disorientate them, so the only action left for them is to make a run for it. This leaves your staff and your stock safe and deters the burglar from ever returning. Systems like this make it extremely difficult for a burglar to empty tills or attack staff as they simply can't even see them.

No Damage Just Results

The beauty of this product is that it is super effective without being harmful. The 'smoke' is actually a fog made from glycol vapour which is similar to the product used during theatrical performances or in e-cigarettes. This won't harm staff and it certainly won't damage any stock as once the event is over and windows are opened to provide ventilation the fog just disperses.

This clever electronic security device can be retro-fitted to any intruder alarm or integrated into a new system, providing businesses with a valuable extra layer of protection for their people, premises and products.
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