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SEAKEL Fire & Security met with our Cloudforest partners on Friday 28th August in Carrigaholt County Clare. At Cloudforest 2, SEAKEL Fire & Security will create our "Seakel Forest" as part of our sustainability goals. Seán Kelly and Creena O’Connor from SEAKEL are pictured marking out their site and receiving the CoolPartner Award fro, Bernard Pender, CEO of Cloudforests. SEAKEL Fire & Security joined the CoolPartner Community on June 21st as CoolPartner 002


Cloudforest 2 is located just outside Carrigaholt. Carrigaholt lies at the mouth of the Moyarta river, which flows into the estuary of the River Shannon about 15 km from the tip of the Loop Head peninsula and about 10 km from the resort town of Kilkee on the north coast of the peninsula. The village boasts a ruined castle that stood guard over the mouth of the Shannon and the local fishing pier.

Cloudforest Cloudforest

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