CO2 Monitors & Air Purifiers

MEDI 8 Air Purifier with HEPA Filtration and UV Sterilisation

The MEDI range of Air Purifiers are designed to remove contaminants (e.g. Covid-19) from the air, thereby continuously improving indoor air quality. Covid-19 risk can be lowered by capturing and killing virus particles using a MEDI 8 HEPA filtration unit with UV sterilisation. The HEPA filter captures aerosolised virus and bacteria – and simultaneously, the UV-C steriliser inactivates the virus or bacteria. MEDI 8 delivers a flowrate of 800m3/hr, so will clean the air 4 times per hour in a room size up to 200m3 (e.g. approx. 2.3m high x 7m x 10m). The MEDI 8 approach has the added benefit of eliminating the need for constant ventilation to outside, thereby saving money on heating bills and keeping occupied areas warmer during cold weather. The quality of air will also be much better as a wide range of pollutants will be captured (e.g. smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, odours).

Roger Air Purifier

The "Roger" Air Purifier includes HEPA & Carbon filters and an air quality monitor. 3 sizes of "Roger" Purifiers can deliver flowrates (CADR) of 736m3/hr, 465m3/hr and 231m3/hr.

CO2 Monitor

We also stock a range of CO2 monitors designed for areas where CO2 levels are used to indicate the need for ventilation. We can offer mains powered, plug-in, plug-in with battery back-up and battery powered options.

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