Covid 19 Business Products

Following the government announcement on the return to work protocols, SEAKEL have a range of products that will help employers, whilst keeping the wellbeing of their team, colleagues, and customers a top priority.

Body Temperature screening

Covid19 Security Products Covid19 Security Products

Body temperature detection systems, potentially including facial recognition, can be linked to your access control system. These systems offer a non-invasive approach to screening, allows for screening of the skin temperature of multiple people as they walk by allowing for unrestricted movement.

  • Basic: A system that can be deployed using a tripod and laptop and operated by staff at entrances. Individuals found to have a high temperature can be diverted.
  • High accuracy: A system that includes a temperature calibration unit. The system is also suitable for use with multiple cameras situated around site entrances and exits, with monitoring from a central location.

People Counting & Flow Control Solution

Covid19 Security Products

Ensure the safety of your customers, capture the numbers to control the amount of customers on your premises at any one time to ensure social distancing protocols are adhered to. Using the AI People Counting camera it can also be integrated into automatically controlled doors allowing the doors to close once the number of people has reached the predefined capacity and using audio / visual aids to notify visitors when the premises is full.

Automated Access

Covid19 Security Products

SEAKEL have a number of contactless exit options to choose from. To compliment contactless exit button options, we also offer industry leading facial recognition readers and contactless Bluetooth access readers allowing for a full contactless access control systems. SEAKEL also offer a range of door automation products from swing to sliding doors and internal/external turnstiles.

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